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Tegel Tapered Round Planter

Tegel Tapered Round Planter

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Although fairly simple in shape and design, our Tegel round planter can be used to efficiently fill in bare spaces and accent welcoming areas. The cylindrical shape of our Tegal round planters is a bit modern thanks to the slight taper, but it also works well with landscapes and settings that are more on the traditional side of the spectrum.

We pride ourselves on producing the finest quality commercial grade pots and planters, which is why we make these large round planters out of our top quality fiberglass. The fiberglass is extraordinarily durable, crack-proof and frost-resistant, so you can use these round plant pots as indoor planters or outdoor planters. Frame your terrace with a few tall planters, scatter them around the lobby of your building, place them in the reception area of your private practice or simply place a couple on your patio.

The Tegel round pot is available in two sizes, an array of color finishes, allowing you to order your own custom fiberglass planters. Choose eggplant purple or bright red planters to dress up your restaurant, storefront or personal office, white planters or metallic planters for fancy rooftop bars or matte black planters for professional spaces.

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