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Shanghai Fishbowl Planter

Shanghai Fishbowl Planter

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A fitting complement to both traditional and modern designs, the Shanghai Fishbowl Planter will adorn any type of interior with its timeless elegance.

Unlike other wholesale garden planters on the market, ours are surprisingly lightweight and extra durable. This is because we make our pots and planters out of a premium fiberglass which is strong as well as resistant to frost and other outdoor elements, allowing you to use them as indoor plant pots, flower pots, large decorative planters or commercial outdoor planters.

These rounded planters are available in two different sizes and an array of color finishes. Arrange a few garden pots in various sizes to create a display that is customized just for your space, scatter them around your home or building for uniformity or line a couple of pots in a line to create a unique patio border.

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