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Santiago Tall Square Planter

Santiago Tall Square Planter

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Not many other tall planters are as sleek, as elegant or as sophisticated as our Santiago Tall Square Fiberglass Planter. The single column design is ultra modern, stylishly timeless and exquisitely chic.

We take pride knowing that we are able to provide the strongest and most durable planter containers. Our team is able to deliver the top quality you need because we make these planter boxes out of a premium quality fiberglass. Unlike plastic, this sturdy material is frost-resistant, chip-proof and recommended for either indoor or outdoor use.

Grab yourself one of these tall square planters to use as a large outdoor garden planter, a patio planter or as a decorative indoor planter. With a clean and simple, yet slightly contemporary design, these square flower planters will look great scattered around your garden, displayed on your outdoor deck, dotting your entryway or showcased in your atrium.

Our Santiago tall planter pots are available in three sizes as well as many different colors and finishes, allowing you to create your own custom planters. The matte white planters and the matte charcoal or black planters are recommended for most residences or commercial properties, while the colorful ones are fun to decorate any space with.
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