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Nile Wall Planter

Nile Wall Planter

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The Nile Planter is the newest design in our collection featuring reinforced plates on the rear of the planter for wall-mounting. With only 5” width, these planters are perfect low-profile additions to indoor or outdoor vertical spaces. The bottoms of the planter are fully finished, so they can be placed high on the wall with perfectly finished paint for a clean look.

These planters have each been carefully crafted out of our premium fiberglass in order to deliver the finest quality finished product. While the plant planters are lightweight enough to move around on your own, the fiberglass we use isn’t your average fiberglass. This unique fiberglass material is frost-resistant and exceptionally sturdy, which means these planter boxes can be used as outdoor planters or as indoor plant pots.

The Nile planter is available in three different sizes as well as in every color of our collection. Choose the size of planter that is appropriate for your needs and then select the colors and the finish you prefer to order your own custom fiberglass planters by Jay Scotts.

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